The 5 Fundamentals for High-Converting Rental Bookings

The 5 Fundamentals for High-Converting Rental Bookings

Whether you’re getting ready to list properties for the summer or you want to improve your bookings year after year creating a website page to advertise your oceanfront property is the first step towards finding success with your vacation rental. But how do you get your listing to show up first versus one hundredth? It’s all in the algorithm.

Today, we’re breaking down the fundamentals of a high-converting website page for rentals listings!

A Strong Headline

Your headline is the first interaction you have with potential renters, and it can say one of two things: “I have what you’re looking for!” or “Keep scrolling.”

Make sure you draw viewers in by writing a strong headline that encompasses the most important aspects of your vacation home, starting with location, property type, and sleep count. If you have characters leftover, you can include nearby attractions or amenities.

Professional Photography

Investing in professional photography services is a smart choice for beachfront rental owners looking to increase bookings.

As is the case in the real estate industry, high-quality photos attract potential renters and pique their interest. In fact, surveys show that viewers are 80 percent more likely to explore property listing with 20+ photos. If you’re competing with AIRBNB and VRBO, aim for at least 25 photos.

Professional photographers, especially those who specialize in real estate photography, are trained to capture your home’s best angles and lighting, resulting in stunning photos that bring your beachfront oasis to life. Potential renters will know exactly what to expect once they step foot indoors.

As you’re organizing your photo slideshow, make sure to put the most attractive images upfront, as they can make or break a sale.

An Excellent Rating

Ratings and reviews are a regular part of our online shopping, especially with big-ticket items such as beach house rentals.

Therefore, it’s important to:

  • Encourage visitors to rate: Reach out to guests after checkout and ask for their feedback. Personalize your message and follow up with them to show you are grateful for their input.
  • Keep ratings high: Of course, just any rating won’t do. Though there is no way to guarantee a 5-star rating, you can increase your chances of earning positive feedback by thoroughly cleaning your home before your guests’ arrival, ensuring everything from appliances to entertainment sets works properly, appealing to all types of travelers, and being available for communication should visitors have any questions or concerns.


A high rating will increase trust between yourself and your guests from the get-go. It may also impact your search performance.

Enticing Prices

Price is one of the most important yet tricky factors to decide on when listing your beach house for rent. Too high and viewers will scroll right past it; too low and viewers will assume there’s a catch as low prices are often too good to be true.

So how do you set an enticing price?

It all starts with your competition. Do a little research to determine the competitive rates of local rental properties and where you would fit in based on the size of your home and the amenities available. Keep in mind that rates fluctuate with the number of occupants.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Seasonality: Prices must vary with demand. When the weather turns cold and sour for the year and not many, if any, people are looking at your beachfront rental, offer a discount to attract more views.
  • Location: You know what they say in the real estate industry — “It’s all about location!” Renters are willing to pay more for properties that are located near events and attractions or by the beachside.

Comprehensive Description

Potential renters must be certain that your property will accommodate their needs before taking the final step towards booking your vacation home. Make sure to include a detailed description of what your beach house offers guests that other properties won’t. Maybe you’re a short walk away from the beach, have an incredible view of the sunset, or offer luxury amenities that guests are free to enjoy. Also, make sure to include the following details.

Property Details

These should be front and center, preferably in an easy to read format so viewers can easily pick up important details as they skim through the listing. Property details include but are not limited to:

  • Bedroom count
  • Bathroom count
  • Sleep count
  • Pet policy
  • Distance to beach

Property Map

This goes back to the importance of your home’s location. Guests want to know where your vacation home is in relation to the closest beach, nearby events and attractions, grocery stores, etc. Including a property map in your listing is a small convenience that can entice viewers to choose your rental.

Itemized Amenities List

Last but not least, don’t forget to include an itemized amenities list that details all the extra convenience and entertainment you’re willing to provide to your guests. The big amenities no vacation homeowner should go without are WiFi, air conditioning, TV, and appliances. Other amenities to consider include:

  • Coffee maker
  • Parking pass/garage
  • Microwave
  • Iron and board
  • Hairdryer
  • Beach chairs
  • On-site security
  • Etc.


By using these tips and the benefits offered through Shore Summer Rentals’ membership options, you’ll have no trouble making your vacation home a successful business venture this summer. Contact us today to see how owners with vacation rentals in North Wildwood, NJ, vacation rentals in Ocean City, NJ, and beach house rentals in Sea Isle City, NJ, and other areas have saved more and earned more with us!

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