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Please note that we validate property ownership on every single listing. Our owners have to provide proof of ownership before we approve the rental listing to appear live on our website. You can rest assure that booking a rental directly with an owner from ShoreSummerRentals.com will be 100% legitimate.  

Trying to rent a vacation home from any website will run you the risk of falling into one of the many vacation rental scams. There are millions of vacation rental properties listed online yearly. Listings on Craigslist range from cheap vacation rentals, through to house swaps, and longer term rentals. In recent years, however, fraudulent groups have stolen millions of dollars through fake listings. It is reported that 25% of short term vacation rentals on Craigslist are fake and copied from other online websites.  Craigslist does not verify their rental listing postings so it is best to stay away and book directly with an owner on ShoreSummerRentals.com...

Don't risk losing thousands of dollars using unverified homes on other sites.  Click here to search our database of verified rental homes.