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 Rentals secured through a ShoreSummerRentals.com owner are NO LONGER TAXABLE as long as the owner owns less than 3 rental units... 

 Our owners also have full control of your email leads and your entire rental transaction.

 Our renters do NOT pay booking fees either so when you add that savings as well as no rental tax, renters are saving on $655 on a $2,500 weekly rental.   

 Our owners save over $3,000 per year if they charge a $2,500 weekly rental rate and secure 10 weeks  with a ShoreSummerRentals.com renter.

 Can you imagine how much more savings owners and renters receive on a higher weekly rental rate?


Not at all!  We are here to help you with everything you need.  You have direct access to us, the company owners. To us, our clients are family.

✔️ We are entering our 17th successful summer season providing tremendous traffic and income for our owners.

✔️ We offer unlimited rentals for one low yearly price resulting in a huge return on your investment.

✔️We allow our owners to book direct with the renter so you know who will be staying in your home.

✔️We do not charge the owners a commission or any fees at all.  You can view all the membership details here.

✔️We put our money where our mouth is. We invest thousands per month in advertising to assure tremendous traffic for our owners.

✔️We do not charge renters booking fees or anything at all for booking a rental from a ShoreSummerRentals.com owner.

✔️Our renters are also tax exempt for the NJ Shore Tax as long as the owner they are booking from owns less than 3 rental homes.

✔️Since we are a “For Rental by Owner Website”, everything is handled by the property owner resulting in much less fees. We only charge one amount per year per property reaching over 10 million visitors per year. We will do what it takes to secure you rentals.

✔️Beware of new sites that pop up and promise you rentals but do not show up on any paid advertising platforms such as Google. They don’t have enough money, expertise or experience to advertise effectively, we have proven success!

✔️ We have a tremendous Google and Facebook presence as well as many other marketing venues.

✔️We also offer sample tools to all members such as leases, invoices, inventory lists, etc. 

✔️ We work with our clients personally and build a lasting relationship.

✔️ We are a local resource for our clients with a sole focus on securing them rentals.

✔️ We know firsthand what it takes to get booked at the Jersey Shore.

✔️ We are vacation property owners just like you.

✔️ We know your challenges.

✔️ We spent our summers at the NJ Shore growing up and cherish those memories.

✔️ Our clients have direct access to us, the company owners.

✔️ Our Memberships start at just $339.  Unlimited rentals for only $339?  WOW! 

✔️ Please check out our Testimonials from our happy owners who are so happy the found us.

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  NEW OWNERS - TAKE $25 OFF - Use PROMO CODE: new25off

"We Connect Owners and Renters Together to BOOK DIRECT and SAVE... WITHOUT Paying Ridiculous Fees!"