No booking fees at all.  You also have full control of your email leads. We are a local owned business offering a large variety of Shore Rentals. We are not a faceless public corporation looking only to generate profits and our bottom line.  Our goal is to secure the most rental income possible for all our owners for a fraction of what our competitors charge, providing you a huge "Return on Your Investment".  It is possible to book most (if not all) of your rentals using Shore Summer Rentals and we are up to 40% cheaper than comparable packages with our large competitors. 
Our Memberships start at just $329. 

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 never, ever charge booking fees and never plan on doing that.  We also do not control your email leads, as they are all yours, you paid for them. We are a true "For Rental by Owner" website and plan to stay that way.  As most of you know, we launched a brand new, state of the art website last year and it has been phenomenal so far. We have made so many upgrades with new features combined with an aggressive marketing plan that brings quality renters to our site and the results have been amazing so far. 

If you are on Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey and/or AirBnB, you are probably angry and frustrated with their new business models that helps fatten their profits at your expense. They have also managed to do this while offering a negative customer experience.  We have had a tremendous amount of vacation property owners complain about this new business model. Hundreds made the switch to ShoreSummerRentals.com and are happy they did. 



Not at all!  We are here to help you with everything you need from pictures, writing your ad and more.  You have direct access to us, the company owners. To us, our clients are family and family takes care of the family.


✔️ We are entering our 16th successful summer season and provide tremendous traffic for our owners.

✔️ We offer unlimited rentals for one low yearly price resulting in a huge return on your investment.

✔️We allow our owners to book direct with the renter so you know who will be staying in your home.

✔️We do not charge the owners a commission or any fees at all, other than the low yearly fee which starts at $329 for our Basic Membership and only goes as high as $459 for our Premium Membership. You can view all the membership details here.

✔️We put our money where our mouth is. We invest thousands per month in advertising to assure tremendous traffic for our owners.

✔️We do not charge renters booking fees or anything at all for booking a rental from a ShoreSummerRentals.com owner.

✔️Since we are a “For Rental by Owner Website”, everything is handled by the property owner resulting in much less fees. We only charge one amount per year per property reaching over 10 million visitors per year. We will do what it takes to secure you rentals.

✔️Beware of new sites that pop up and promise you rentals but do not show up on any paid advertising platforms such as Google. They don’t have enough money, expertise or experience to advertise effectively, we have proven success!

✔️ We have a tremendous Google and Facebook presence as well as many other marketing venues. We also offer sample tools to all members such as leases, invoices, inventory lists, etc. 

✔️ We work with our clients personally and build a lasting relationship.

✔️ We are a local resource for our clients with a sole focus on securing them rentals.

✔️ We know firsthand what it takes to get booked at the Jersey Shore.

✔️ We are vacation property owners just like you.

✔️ We know your challenges.

✔️ We spent our summers at the NJ Shore growing up and cherish those memories.

✔️ Our clients have direct access to us, the company owners.

✔️ Please check out our Testimonials here from our happy owners who are so happy the found us.

✔️ Please check out our Google Reviews here.

✔️ Please check out our Facebook Reviews here.         

"We Connect Owners and Renters Together to BOOK DIRECT and SAVE... WITHOUT Paying Ridiculous Fees!"

“We Bring Owners and Renters Together”