Legal Disclaimer for Vacation Rental Owners & Renters

This disclaimer is for your protection. Please read it carefully as this notifies you in writing of limited liability and your responsibilities by receiving benefits of service through this website. By using services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer as well as our Terms of Use.

Disclaimer to the Renter: is not Responsible for any Rental Transaction.
We stress how important it is that ALL users be responsible about their use of this Site and any transaction entered into as a result of either listing a property or renting a property. We do not own or manage, nor can we contract for, any vacation rental property listed on the Site. Instead, the Site acts as an advertising tool to allow homeowners who advertise on our Site to offer their property for rent just as a newspaper classified would act. We are not involved in any transaction between travelers and members. As a result, any part of an actual or potential transaction between a traveler and a member, including the quality, safety or legality of the properties advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings (including the content thereof or any property or guest book review), the ability of members to rent a vacation property or the ability of travelers to pay for vacation rental properties are solely the responsibility of each user. Click here to avoid Renter Scams.

We are also not responsible for the condition of the vacation rental properties listed on our Site or the compliance with laws, rules or regulations that may be applicable to any vacation rental property in any jurisdiction. (SSR) is designed to introduce property owners, or their agents, to potential renters using the most innovative marketing technologies available. SSR or its employees/owners do not warranty in any way the properties that are advertised on SSR. It is the renters' responsibility to investigate the information that they obtain from the site. The listings have been created from information submitted to SSR from the owner/agent/advertisers.

Further, SSR advises a renter to inquire about cancellation policies (see below). If you have a reserved a property for rental purposes, it cannot be rented to another party during that time period and therefore, you may be subject to the loss of your payments (or committed payments) because the owner of the property has reserved this time period for you or your party. SSR does not hold any funds or take any commissions between the renter and the owner and cannot be liable for any refunds for commitments made between renter and owner for any reason.

We would like to hear about your experience with the rental property and it's owner. Please e-mail us to provide me feedback (positive and/or negative) of your rental experience. Please include your name, the owner’s name, SSR listing id number and address of the rental property. Please include any feedback you would like but please provide information about the below items:

1. Was the rental as described?
2. Was the rental clean?
3. Was there communication from the owner as far as how you will receive the keys to the rental property and what is expected upon departure of your rental (i.e. trash, cleaning, etc.)
4. If you had a problem while renting, was the owner accessible and helpful?
5. How and when you will be obtaining keys for access to the property, etc….

Disclaimer to the Owner:

As an owner you are responsible not to misrepresent your property to a renter. You are also responsible to follow all local ordinances and maintain a fiduciary responsibility to the renter for what you have advertised on or its employees take no responsibility for any misrepresentations that you have made using our advertising facilities. Avoid Owner Scams.

Please communicate with your renters that you have received their deposits, final payment, etc. and when and how they will be obtaining the keys for access to the property. Security Deposits must be returned within the time frame stated in the contract if the property was left as found. If this is not followed, has the right to deactivate your listing with no refund. Also, please be clear as to what is expected of them during their stay and departure regarding trash, cleaning, etc.

SSR encourages the property owner to investigate its renters, as it assumes no responsibility for the qualification of the renters that are obtained from the listings advertised on this site.

Although, we would like to hear about your experience with the renters obtained from the site. Please contact us to provide feedback of your rental experience. Please include your name, listing id no., the renter's name, e-mail address and address of the rental property. Please include any feedback including the condition that your property was left and how they followed instructions you provided re: trash policies, cleanliness, noise, etc.

Cancellation Policies:

We have outlined a possible scenario(s) for cancellation policies for our owners and renters to review. For the cancellation policy agreed upon (between renter and owner), we encourage you to receive a cancellation policy from the owner stating the stipulations.

As a renter you may be required to pay a deposit (usually a percentage of the rental) upon making the reservation (or shortly thereafter) to reserve the property. You may be subject to loosing the deposit or the entire amount of funds committed to the reservation depending on the time limits that the cancellation policy stipulates. As a renter it is considered good policy to advise the owner as soon as you may be aware that you cannot occupy the property for the time that you have reserved.

If you are interested in purchasing trip insurance, you will need to do that directly with an insurance company. Contact us for more details.

Other: reserves the right to make changes to this site at any time and without notice. does not offer a refund for time that the site may be down for maintenance or an error beyond our control. This is very rare but can happen. It is strictly the owners responsibility to log into your Shore Summer account daily to ensure that all of the renter inquiries sent to your account are retrieved.

By using or continuing to use the services of this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer and our Terms of Use.