Wine and Dine Through the Summer at These New Jersey Wineries

Wine and Dine Through the Summer at These New Jersey Wineries

Now that most of us have adapted to the new normal, it’s time to pick up where we left off and make the best of summer 2020 (safely, of course)! Here is a comprehensive list of New Jersey wineries for you to check out! 

North Jersey

  • Ventimiglia Vineyard: At Ventimiglia Vineyard, winemaking is an art form that has been perfected and passed down for generations. They use only the highest quality grapes and oak barrels to produce the finest wines.  
  • Four Sisters Winery: Nestled in the tranquil rolling hills of Warren County lies the Four Sisters Winery, with an incredible selection of white, rose, red, and fruit wines sure to please all who visit. 
  • Monroeville Vineyards: The only thing better than enjoying a nice glass of wine is knowing that the wine is 100% locally produced. Monroeville Vineyards does everything in-house, from growing their own grapes to bottling the wine and everything in-between. 
  • Old York Cellars: As one of the oldest wineries in the state, Old York Cellars is a must-visit for all wine lovers. If you can’t make it to their original tasting room in Hunterdon County, you can also find them in Bridgewater and Quaker Bridge. 
  • Mount Salem Vineyards: Great things come in small packages — that seems to be the theme at Mount Salem Vineyards, where delectable vintages are made in very limited quantities. If you don’t want to miss out on some of the best wines in north Jersey, you’ll look into becoming a subscriber ASAP!
  • Alba Vineyard: Alba Vineyard isn’t just home to world-class wines for everyone to enjoy. It is also a beautiful establishment where you can sit back and enjoy yourself. 

Central Jersey

  • Hopewell Valley Vineyards: The winemakers at Hopewell Valley Vineyards seamlessly blend old-world roots and new-world branches to grow, create, and offer an amazing selection of award-winning white, rose, red, and dessert wines. This little slice of Tuscany in New Jersey also provides delicious brick-oven pizza and live music on the weekends. 
  • White Horse Winery: Besides being the perfect place to find your new favorite wine, White Horse Winery is also the perfect place to host a special event with your friends and family.
  • Sharrott Winery: This family-owned and operated winery believes sustainable practices are the key to success. With a handful of award-winning wines available for sale, we would have to agree. 
  • Plagido’s Winery: A hidden gem located in Atlantic County, Plagido’s Winery produces artisanal handcrafted wines using traditional techniques and tools to create some of the finest wines in central Jersey. 
  • Beneduce Vineyards: Whether you need a refreshing drink in the summer months, or you want to celebrate the holidays in style, Beneduce Vineyards is open all year long for wine tastings, private events, live music, and more!
  • DiMatteo Vineyards: If you’re taking a road trip throughout the New Jersey farmlands, don’t hesitate to drop by DiMatteo Vineyards for an amazing selection of delectable wines produced by their very own grapes. 
  • Unionville Vineyards: Wine enthusiasts can’t stay from Unionville Vineyards! With an amazing variety of European-style reds, as well as some whites and dessert wines, Unionville has become a favorite for locals and tourists alike. 
  • Renault Winery: The grandmaster of them all, Renault Winery, is New Jersey’s oldest winery at 156 years old. Whether you’re a new wine drinker or a seasoned wine lover, this place has something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Working Dog Winery: Celebrate the Garden State with some authentic New Jersey wines that will leave you wanting more! Visit Working Dog Winery for a nice afternoon or a large, private celebration. 
  • Villa Milagro Vineyards: Organic wines can be hard to find anywhere, whether you’re in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or elsewhere. Luckily, it’s what Vila Milagro Vineyards specializes in, and they’re pretty delicious!
  • Tomasello Winery: You can pop the bubbly and live your best life at Tomasello Winery. If you love their wines, becoming a Gold Card Member will offer you amazing discounts. 
  • Grapes ‘N Barrels: If you love learning new things, Grapes ‘N Barrels may be your new go-to spot. They offer a highly interactive atmosphere where guests can learn all about winemaking, and are given instructions on how to create their own wines. 
  • Grape Expectations: Your “grape” expectations will be met and exceeded when you visit this local winery and winemaking school. 
  • Grape Escape: Here’s another local winemaking school that can help you make incredible wines from premium grapes! You can also learn how to make ravioli, gourmet chocolate, mozzarella, and a variety of other foods.
  • 4 JG’s: Come for the wine, stay for their fun outdoor activities. Four JG’s offers weekend festivities that everyone can enjoy!
  • Cream Ridge Winery: Since 1988, Cream Ridge Winery has been bringing innovation into the winemaking scene and producing high-quality white, red, and fruit wines. 
  • Melovino Meadery: Here’s something different, but equally as a delicious: honey wine! Melovino Meadery is New Jersey’s first meadery, and we can confirm their wines are incredible!
  • Terhune Orchards Vineyard & Winery: Terhune Orchards Vineyard & Winery is the perfect family getaway because it has kid-friendly activities and adult-friendly beverages in one place! 

South Jersey

  • Wagonhouse Winery: You’ve probably tried (and loved!) their wines at one of the many local festivals. Now, it’s time to visit their tasting room and immerse yourself in everything Wagonhouse Winery has to offer. 
  • Auburn Road Vineyards & Winery: Enjoy a European-style bar, artisan cheese, five-course dinners on Friday nights, and, of course, heavenly wine varieties at Auburn Road Vineyards & Winery. 
  • Turdo Vineyards and Winery: Although they are a small, family-owned and operated winery located in the beautiful town of Cape May, they offer great tasting wines in the spring and summer months. 
  • Natali Vineyards: If you love trying new things, head on over to Natali Vineyards for wine slushies, fruit wine, and other contemporary and traditional wine varieties.
  • Heritage Vineyards: Try the classics — Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more — grown and created 100% in New Jersey soil at Heritage Vineyards, or diversify your palette with some sweet fruit wines. 
  • Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery: With 100+ acres to tour, Hawk Haven Vineyard & Winery is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors alongside signature white and red wines and expand your wine knowledge. 
  • Chestnut Run Farm: Unlike most New Jersey wineries that focus on traditional grapes, Chestnut Run Farm specializes in unique Asian pear wines. Add a little variety to your wine collection by purchasing one of their award-winning wines today!
  • Cedarvale Winery: Cedarvale Winery is well-known for its selection of grape and fruit wines, as well as its beautiful establishment, which is perfect for hanging out and relaxing or throwing a private event. 
  • Bellview Winery: If you love variety, you’ll love Bellview. With over 150+ acres of grapevines, more than two dozen tasting wines, and at least 20 estate-grown varietals, you can spend the whole day simply picking your favorite wines!
  • Balic Winery: There’s no better place to enjoy the scenic views of Atlantic County than grabbing a bottle of wine and enjoying the calming atmosphere at Balic Winery. 
  • Valenzano Family Winery: At Valenzano’s, every wine you taste has probably won its fair share of accolades in local and national competitions. If you’re a wine lover, this is one place you don’t want to miss out on. 
  • Willow Creek Winery and Farms: Open year-round for tastings, Willow Creek offers patrons a chance to get away from day-to-day stresses, and enjoy everything life has to offer with a good bottle of wine. 
  • Amalthea Cellars Winery: What sets Amalthea Cellars apart from their competition? They handcraft each and every drop of wine with passion, sophistication, and knowledge. You’ll be blown away with the selection of wines you find here. 
  • Cape May Winery & Vineyard: What’s the best way to spend a relaxing afternoon in Cape May? How about with a glass of wine from one of the best wineries in town? Cape May Winery offers a winery experience like no other, and they have an amazing selection of wines and culinary delights.
  • Jessie Creek Winery: Visiting Jessie Creek Winery is like finding a piece of Napa, California, in your backyard. Their fine white wines and full-body red blends will leave you wanting more while the fortified dessert wine is sure to put a smile on your face
  • Southwind Vineyard: There’s no shortage of activities at Southwind Vineyard. Besides great wines of the sweet, off-dry, and dry variety, they also offer horseback riding, trail riding, and more! 
  • Dibella Winery: Here’s something you don’t want to miss out on if you’re touring the vineyards of New Jersey. Dibella Winery has an amazing wine variety that you can slowly work your way through at their happy hours!
  • Summit City Farms & Winery: One of the largest wineries in New Jersey, Summit City Farms, has something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, they offer live music and other special seasonal events. 
  • Laurita Winery: The days and nights spent at Laurita Winery are unforgettable! With great wine, food trucks, and a host of outdoor activities, Laurita Winery is a one-stop-shop for social gatherings. 
  • Iron Plow Vineyards: Iron Plow Vineyards is a boutique winery, but they have a lot to offer. You don’t want to miss out on the award-winning vintages that grace their wine racks.
  • Salem Oak Vineyards: There’s no better place to enjoy good wine, good food, live music, and camaraderie than Salem Oak Vineyards. 
  • Brook Hollow Winery: Many wine lovers have deemed Brook Hollow Winery to be one of the favorite wineries because they always have an amazing variety of wines available to enjoy!


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We’ll meet you at the next winery! 

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