We Bring You SSRNJ.com — A New Way to Access Shore Summer Rentals

We Bring You SSRNJ.com — A New Way to Access Shore Summer Rentals

At Shore Summer Rentals, we never take a break from innovation.

It’s what led us to create such a successful New Jersey vacation rental platform that allows both owners and renters to save hundreds by eliminating booking fees, the kinds our competitors at AIRBNB and VRBO are so proud of.

It’s also what led us to design and launch a brand new website that improved the digital experience for interested onlookers and regular users through amazing new features and upgrades.

And now, we bring you SSRNJ.com — a new faster and easier way to access Shore Summer Rentals, with a lot less typing and a whole new look.

In today’s busy world, nobody has time to waste digging through multiple website pages to find the answers they’re looking for. That’s why SSRNJ.com is built for simplicity!

Everything you need, whether you are a potential renter or an owner, is laid out for you on the home page. Owners can quickly gain access to their account or list available beachfront rentals through the top orange banner, while renters can look for potential summer homes, browse featured properties, and shop special deals. We also have a help section and all of your important links listed at the bottom of the page. Best of all, our new website is optimized for mobile use, so you can browse or stay connected while on-the-go.

Other fun features include:

  • Top 10 Listings Add-On for Owners
  • Social Media Add-On for Owners
  • Owner’s Tools for Downloading Important Documents
  • Accounts for Renters
  • Home Comparison tool for Renters
  • And more!

Also, we now have tutorials for both renters and owners on our YouTube page that will guide you through our new website should you get lost (which we don’t think you will).

Of course, we’re not done innovating quite yet! If you see any room for improvement, call us and let us know. We always encourage feedback from our clients. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help.

We have one last surprise in store. Soon, Shore Summer Rentals will offer two new websites, SSRDE.com and SSROCMD.com, dedicated to Delaware vacation rentals and Ocean City, MD, rentals, respectively.

If you or someone you know is interested in renting out their beach house in Jersey Shore, Delaware Beach, or Ocean City, Maryland, don’t hesitate to introduce them to our new website.

Better yet, do yourself a favor — step away from work and come relax at one of our homey condo rentals in Wildwood, NJ, all the way up through Belmar, NJ.

Contact us with any questions!

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