The Best Choice for Both Renters and Owners! The Best Choice for Both Renters and Owners!

Why do renters and owners continue to choose us at Because we want to help owners keep their shore vacation rentals booked up throughout the summer in Ocean City, NJ, and other local New Jersey areas, and we also want renters to have an unforgettable trip to the beach!

Our goal is to provide a true rent-by-owner experience that is stress-free for everyone. Here’s how we do it:

Owners: Control Their Own Email Leads

You retain full control of your email leads, so you can contact interested renters directly and reach out to past renters about new opportunities. As far as we’re concerned, you paid for your email leads, and they belong to you.

Owners: Work Closely with Our Team

Forget the faceless companies you’ve worked with before. At, we are a small but dedicated team who works closely with you to ensure that you receive an incredible return on investment, while simultaneously charging less than our competitors. We get to know each of our clients personally, and you can always give us a call. Visit our vacation owner cost comparison page to find out how to stop wasting money. Our cost is as low as $299 per year where the other sites’ costs can run up to $2500 a year for a 3k weekly rental. (Estimation based on renting 10 weeks at $3,000 per week).

Owners: Can Reach More Renters Than Ever Before

Each year, more than a thousand owners trust us to keep their beach homes busy. To connect them with even more renters, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching a new website around April 2019.

Renters: Find the Perfect Rental at the Perfect Price

What are you looking for in your vacation rental by owner in Ocean City, or anywhere else along the New Jersey coast? An ocean view? A pool? A pet-friendly location? A last-minute gem? You can find all of that and more here on

Renters and Owners: Don’t Pay Booking Fees

Most of our competitors charge a hefty booking fee that takes a bite out of renters’ wallets and owners’ profits. We promise never to charge that fee. Instead, we let renters book directly with owners to avoid extras fees. Visit our vacation renter cost comparison page to find out how renters can stop wasting money. Renters can save over $300 on a $3,000 rental.

We Love the Shore!

Our team grew up by the Jersey Shore. We know the challenges of renting a home by the ocean and the joys of smelling the salt in the air for the first time in a long time.

If you would like to learn more about what can do for you, whether you are a renter or an owner, please contact us today!

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