Join Our New Facebook Group: Rental Requests

Join Our New Facebook Group: Rental Requests

Do you have property along the Jersey Shore that you’d like to rent out? 

Or are you looking to rent a property for yourself for some well-deserved vacation time?

If you were hesitant to book or rent out a property online in the past because you weren’t sure of who you were dealing with over the internet, has the solution for you.

Here on our website, property owners offer their property as beach vacation rentals in Stone Harbor and many other towns along the Jersey Shore, as well as the beaches of Delaware and Ocean, City, MD. Now, you can do it on a platform that most of you are all too familiar with: Facebook.

Join our new Facebook group: Rental Requests

In this new group, you can request specific types of rentals you’re looking for and learn more about what properties are available, all from the convenience of a Facebook group, on an app that you’re probably already using on a daily basis. We encourage you to check it out as soon as possible to request access.

Network & Communicate with Ease

You can talk directly with property owners and other renters, as well as the owner and founder of our website! On Facebook, you have a better idea of you’re dealing with and see who you’re talking to.


Some frequently asked questions in our group include requests for pet-friendly rentals, as well as partial week rentals. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly beach house rental in Ocean City, New Jersey or any other location, we’d like to direct you to our pet-friendly rental page, where you can filter available properties by city, price, and more.

If you would like to book a summer vacation house for less than a full week, you can visit our partial week rental page which also has those filtering options available.

For the past 14 years, those looking to spend time on the beaches of New Jersey have visited our website to find their dream vacation home. With our brand new Facebook group, we are continuing to evolve and make communication between renter and owner easier.

If you’re interested in finding out more, browse our website or join our Facebook group today!

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