How Can You SAVE With Direct Booking?

How Can You SAVE With Direct Booking?

How is different than our competitors? We let you book beach vacation rentals in Stone Harbor and all along the shore directly with the property owner. That means that owners have more control over their bookings, and you don’t have to pay costly service fees!

Here’s why we recommend booking your next vacation rental with us:

Don’t Pay Hidden Fees

Other companies charge a hefty service fee to both owners and renters (up to 15%!) when you book a rental through their website. You don’t pay those fees at Instead, imagine each of our rental listings as an old-fashioned newspaper ad that you can find online. Owners pay to place their properties on our website, and we won’t charge one more penny to our owners and renters never pay us a dime. That means that you and them have more cash in hand!

Have Confidence in Your Vacation Rental

All of our owners must undergo a thorough verification process to prove that they own any rental properties that they post on our website. To ensure the best possible experience, we also recommend that all renters request references and a list of former renters from the property owner before agreeing to rent. Also, visiting the property in person with the owner is highly recommended.

Speak Directly with the Property Owner

Most of our competitors act as a middleman between you and the owner of your vacation rental. With these companies, it’s possible to never even speak with the owner. Working directly with a property owner can have many benefits, however, ranging from restaurant recommendations to better pricing.

Find the Right Rental — Fast!

You can discover hundreds of vacation rentals by owner on Our advanced search system allows you to search for a property that’s the right size, the right price, and the right location. You can also narrow down your rental options based on specific criteria: close to the beach, pet-friendly, wheelchair accessible, and so much more!

Are You Ready for Your Next Vacation?

Summer isn’t so far away, so book your shore rental with! If you have any questions about our vacation rentals by owner in Stone Harbor and beyond, then give us a call at 609-536-9603. We’re always happy to help our renters find the perfect property!

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