Book Local and Book Early for Your Next Summer Vacation

Book Local and Book Early for Your Next Summer Vacation

The holiday season is almost upon us! Historically, this time of the year has been very kind to the traveling industry, as families across the country are eager to meet up and celebrate the winter festivities together. We’re looking at a different story this year, however. 

With COVID-19 being an ever-present threat to the health and well-being of our society, many people are choosing to contain the holiday cheer within the confines of their own homes. We expect this trend to last well into the new year and the summer of 2021 as the CDC and local public health authorities continue to recommend against flying or traveling far in an effort to curb the pandemic — thankfully, families far and wide are heeding their advice and choosing to stay local. In fact, we personally know a lot of families that are postponing their grandiose summer vacation plans in favor of enjoying the sunshine that Jersey Shore has to offer. (And why not? We have some of the best beaches in the world!)

This is great news for Jersey Shore house rental owners as they will be busier than ever in the upcoming year. Vacationers, on the other hand, have to start summer preparations early! 

SSR owners report that they’ve already begun renting out beach houses for the summer of 2021. If you’re interested in renting a house at your favorite New Jersey beach, we recommend you do so now! Availability is dwindling by the day. 

Booking early also comes with plenty of benefits. You get:

  • More Time to Plan: Let’s be honest. Sometimes, finding the right vacation rental can take as much time as the vacation itself. When you book early, you have more time to plan!
  • Better Rental Prices: More often than not, owners will offer great discounts as an incentive for guests to book during the slow season. It’s always great to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Better Rental Selections: When you’re ahead of the game, you have your pick of the litter. You can easily find a vacation house that matches your needs and your budget. 
  • Peace of Mind: As soon as the weather turns warm, the task of planning a vacation looms over your head like a dark, stressful cloud. By choosing a beach house, and, thus, a location, you can check off the most important part of vacation planning. The rest is a piece of cake. 

Last, but not least, booking with an owner through our site rather than VRBO or AirBNB will allow you to save hundreds — even thousands — on a one week rental! Our rentals are also exempt from the 11.625% NJ Shore Rental Tax, and booking with us also saves on bogus booking fees that can run up to 18%! Learn more about why you should book with us here.

We understand that it’s hard to get in the summer mindset with the winter season and the holidays approaching. Hopefully, our new state-of-the-art website makes booking your next vacation rental in New Jersey effortless. The SSR team is also available and happy to help with whatever questions you may have.

Happy browsing!

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