Stay Informed: 8 Key Reasons Guests Should Avoid Booking a Rental through AirBNB or Vrbo

Stay Informed: 8 Key Reasons Guests Should Avoid Booking a Rental through AirBNB or Vrbo

In a world dominated by online travel platforms like VRBO and Airbnb, the concept of booking direct with property owners or management companies might seem like a road less traveled. However, this less-explored path holds a trove of benefits that can significantly enhance your vacation experience. After guests encounter the sticker shock induced by the Airbnb service fee or Vrbo fees, many find their way to our site, where they are pleasantly surprised by the absence of astronomical fees. This, coupled with our commitment to transparent communication and trust, sets us apart from other platforms. Let’s delve into the advantages of booking via in detail, covering why it might be the key to unlocking a seamless and memorable getaway down the New Jersey Shore.

1. Cost Savings

Airbnb service fee
Stretch your vacation funds – avoid the Airbnb and VRBO service fees and taxes.

One of the most compelling reasons to book directly is the potential for cost savings. When you bypass third-party booking platforms, you avoid additional fees coupled with taxes and commissions that are often tacked on by other listing sites. Guests who book via save up to 25% contrarily to booking through other large listing sites like VRBO and Airbnb. Direct bookings allow property owners to pass those savings directly to you, the traveler. Check out a side-by-side cost comparison of the same rental listed on and VRBO. The savings will astonish you! 

2. Flexible Terms and Conditions

book direct vacation rentals
Book direct vacation rentals save you some serious dough!

Booking directly often means more flexible terms and conditions. Property owners can customize agreements, offering personalized options like flexible check-in/check-out times, custom cancellation policies, and accommodating special requests. This level of flexibility might be challenging to negotiate through third-party platforms. At Shore Summer Rentals, each host has full control over their booking terms and policies.

3. Direct Communication with the Host

Owner direct vacation rentals
Owner direct vacation rentals

Booking directly fosters a direct line of communication with the property owner, promoting owner direct vacation rentals. When you book via, your request will be a direct call or email to the host. Above all, direct connection is invaluable.  Get personalized recommendations, local insights, and address specific preferences for an ideal stay. Choose SSRNJ for the best in book direct vacation rentals.

4. Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences
Enhance your vacation rental experience.

Direct bookings often open the door to more personalized experiences. Property owners may go the extra mile to provide unique amenities, and local tips, coupled with special touches that enhance your stay. This level of personalization is a hallmark of booking directly. Elevate your vacation from ordinary to extraordinary with the difference.

5. Transparency and Trust

Transparency and Trust
Owner direct booking provides trust.

Booking directly promotes transparency and builds a sense of trust between you and the property owner. Furthermore, clear communication regarding property details, terms, and expectations contributes to a smoother booking process. Thus ensuring there are no surprises upon arrival. Our team verifies ownership of all hosts.  You are booking with someone you can trust.

6. Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting Local Businesses
Booking directly helps support local NJ Shore economies! is New Jersey’s original owner direct vacation rentals site. We have been doing this since 2004.  We are a local and family-owned business. By booking directly, you are supporting local businesses and communities. Many vacation rentals are owned and managed by individuals or small businesses. Booking directly makes sure more of your money stays in the local community. While you’re on vacation, our hosts will happily recommend top local restaurants and businesses to support.

7. Exclusive Deals and Extras

Owner direct vacation rentals
Learn about exclusive deals and money-saving extras!

Skipping the Airbnb guest service fee or VRBO fees not only saves you substantial money but opens up additional savings opportunities. Property owners may provide exclusive deals, promotions, or extra perks for those who book directly. Our hosts often run last-minute special promotions alongside other offers in our Specials pages. This could range from discounted rates for extended stays coupled with complimentary services or amenities. These exclusive deals and offers help enhance your overall experience.

8. Avoid Booking Scams

Avoid Booking Scams
Avoid vacation rental scams. We verify property ownership.

Booking direct helps keep you safe from tricky schemes or scams. Sadly, Facebook has lots of people trying to take your money and ruin your vacation plans. But, at, we make sure every host is real. This means you won’t lose your money to scams when you book with us. Our team works hard to keep things secure, and we talk clearly to make sure your booking is safe.

Finally, using online travel websites is easy, but book direct vacation rentals has many great advantages. It helps you save money and makes your vacation better. So, when you plan your trip next time, think about booking direct for a journey full of fun and ease.

Ready to secure your desired week down the New Jersey Shore and save up to 25% by booking direct? Above all, check out over 1,300 New Jersey Shore vacation rentals in different towns. Contact hosts directly to find your perfect summer vacation rental.

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