New Listings get $50 OFF plus Free Beach Umbrella



It's summer of 2021 and most vacation rentals are booked up solid for the season.  If you own a vacation rental home at the NJ Shore and need bookings we can get you booked solid now!  We have so much demand for vacation homes right now.  You will get booked with quality guests quickly.  Best of all there are no commissions, NJ Shore Tax or hidden booking fees like on those other vacation rental platforms.  Contact us with any questions.

New Owners: We are offering a $50 savings PLUS a beach umbrella for you to leave for your renters or keep for yourself. Just list your vacation rental on by June 30, 2021!  New listings only please!

NO COMMISSIONS OR FEES ever!  Secure unlimited rentals for one low yearly price.  
View our Memberships.  Unlimited rentals starting at only $299?  WOW!  

1. Click on “LIST RENTAL”.
2. Go to the Membership you would like and click on “ADD TO CART”. Follow the prompts. If you are not auto directed to the Registration page, click on the blue “PROCEED” button under the membership types.
3. Fill out the Registration page and click “REGISTER”. This will take you to the “LISTING INFORMATION” page.
4. Fill out the Listing Information page and click on “SUBMIT”. This will take you to our “ADD-ON” page.
5. You can purchase add-on’s here and follow prompts or choose “NO THANK YOU” at the bottom of the page to continue.
6. This will bring you to the Shopping Cart. Review your details and click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. 
7. This will bring you to the Checkout Page. Enter promo code 50offjuneumb
8. Choose your Payment Type.
9. Check the “I agree to your Terms of Use and Legal Disclaimer” button.
11. This will bring you to the Payment Page. Enter your payment details and click on “MAKE PAYMENT”.
12. If payment is successful, the system will auto direct you to your DASHBOARD.
13. Click on EDIT to enter the details of your home and to upload your images.  Please be as descriptive as possible and make sure that your images are bright and cheery.
14. Click on RATES to enter your rental rates.
15. Click on CALENDAR to update your availability calendar. 
16. Click on PREVIEW to see how your rental listing appears on

DONE. We will be in touch by email within 24 hours after we review your listing and verify ownership. If we cannot verify ownership on our end, we will ask you to supply us with a utility bill or the like.

>> Click here for “how-to videos” with instructions on creating and/or editing your rental listing.

MULTIPLE LISTINGS: We offer gracious discounts. Contact us for pricing.
To add additional listings, click on the green ADD NEW LISTING button located in the upper left corner in your dashboard and the system will walk you through the process.

* Your listing will be reviewed and go live once ad is complete, payment is made and property ownership is verified.
* Offer ends Wednesday, 6/30/21 - new listings only please.