Vacation Rental Listing Introductory Offer

$50 Off Promo - New Listings

If you own a vacation rental home, list it here on and take $50 off any membership type. View a quick video explaining who we are and why you cannot afford to pass us by.  You control your own bookings. 

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1. Click here to Add Your Listing.
2. Enter a catching Listing Title.
3. Click on the plus sign to add a category.
4. Click on Add Vacation Rental.  
5. Choose pay by credit card or invoice option.
    a. If you chose pay by credit card, the system will walk you through making payment.
    b. If you chose pay by invoice, please mail a check to, PO Box 55, Somers Point, NJ 08244.
6. Enter promo code: new50offvideo
7. Register and create your ad. DONE. 

Helpful Info

➡️  Click here for creating and/or editing your rental listing.
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* Your listing will be reviewed and go live once ad is complete, payment is made and property ownership is verified.
* Offer ends very soon - new listings only please.