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For those looking for a prestigious, relaxing vacation spot along the east coast, Mantoloking, NJ, could be the perfect option. Mantoloking, known as the crown jewel of the New Jersey “Gold Coast,” is the wealthiest community in the state. It is a very small and private destination, so it provides a calming alternative to other Jersey Shore towns. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views, boating excursions, elite amenities, and more by booking Mantoloking rentals.

Mantoloking is situated right on the Barnegat Peninsula, offering beautiful views of the Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. By simply looking outside, you’re rewarded with a spectacular view of the water. Its architecture resembles that of old New England, with large colonial houses that are similar to those in Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

Mantoloking also houses the gorgeous Barnegat Bay Estuary, a wetland area flush with freshwater fish, birds, and vegetation. Guests are welcome to visit the estuary and see all the sights that the wetlands have to offer.

In addition to these sights, there are also dynamic dunes overlooking the Mantoloking beach for visitors to enjoy the sight of. For those who love a spectacular view, Mantoloking is definitely the ideal vacation destination.

The town of Mantoloking also offers many shore activities for guests to enjoy. It is the home of many four-star restaurants, a yacht club with boat rentals, tours, shops, and, of course, beaches. Many visitors of this town have enjoyed bicycling, boating, crabbing, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, restaurants, shopping, surfing, water sports, and more. Though this town is very relaxing, there are always exciting activities for you to enjoy, from sightseeing to water skiing.

Many notable stars, such as Richard Nixon and Katherine Hepburn, have also visited and resided in Mantoloking because of its prestige and calming atmosphere. Though Mantoloking is a wealthy area, rentals can be found for a reasonable price. The town happily welcomes new guests to enjoy its relaxing and luxurious amenities.

Shore Summer Rentals offers a variety of affordable Mantoloking. You can pick a rental property to fit your needs regarding location, amount of rooms, budget, pet friendliness, and more.

Our rental services allow for renters and owners to have direct contact with each other. When you pick a property that interests you, you will be contacting the owner from the very beginning. We believe that open communication between the owner and renter is important. With this communication, renters can get all details about their Mantoloking rentals and owners can know exactly who will be staying in their home.

Shore Summer Rentals wants all guests to have a stress-free experience when booking Mantoloking rentals. You deserve to have constant relaxation from the moment you book the rental until the moment you leave your beautiful and calming vacation destination.

If you’re looking for a vacation destination with class, beautiful views, and a rich history, consider taking an excursion to Mantoloking. Enjoying the view of the beach from your one-of-a-kind rental property with Shore Summer Rentals will give you a relaxing vacation that you will never forget.

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