Long Beach Island Rentals

An increasing number of travelers are opting for vacation rentals as they offer more privacy and are cost-friendly compared to luxury hotels. Shore Summer Rentals makes it easier to find the right vacation rentals in Long Beach Island for your needs. When you're looking for a 1-bedroom or 4-bedroom house for rent, you should consider our vacation rentals by owner in Long Beach Island.

Our Long Beach Island (LBI) locations include Barnegat Light, Beach Haven, Beach Haven Crest, Beach Haven Terrace, Brant Beach, Haven Beach, Loveladies, North Beach, North Beach Haven, Ship Bottom and Surf City.

What to Know About Our Pet-Friendly Rentals

One of the common questions people ask our team is, "Are the rentals pet-friendly?" Our pet-friendly vacation rentals in LBI allow you to bring your furry companion along.

Here are some more pros of choosing our rentals.

Get to Book Directly with Owners

Choosing LBI houses for rent by owner in Long Beach Island allows you to book directly with the owners, helping you avoid fees and taxes that would push up accommodation costs. Interacting with the owner also presents an opportunity to negotiate and understand the rules better. Also, all the LBI beach rentals are verified to protect you from scams. There is also a property manager that you can talk to in case of a problem.

Additional Amenities

A cat or dog-friendly rental is designed to ensure that your entire family has fun while on vacation. Apart from the normal amenities like cable, complimentary Wi-Fi, television sets, gas grills, and parking spaces, you can choose beach house rentals with a pool. A beach rental that is pet-friendly may even offer additional amenities, including pet daycare, activities for pets, pet waste stations, and a communal area for bathing pets.

Great Locations

All of our shore vacation rentals are strategically located, so you can enjoy the convenience you desire. Regardless of the type of property you choose, you can be sure that it will be close to many top attractions in the area. The quiet settings go a long way in ensuring you have a peaceful and relaxing vacation.

Ample Space

The pet-friendly Long Beach Island houses for rent offer adequate space, ensuring every member of the family, including the pets, have some personal space. When you find accommodations through our site, you are guaranteed a dog-friendly rental with sufficient sleeping capacity. Whether you prefer a beach condo rental, beach home rental, coastal house for rent, or condo rental that is oceanfront, our by owner rental homes will meet your needs.

Affordable Vacation Rentals

We offer travelers looking for a vacation home for rent by owners with a wide range of options to choose from. These include affordable waterfront rentals, weekend beach house rentals, weekend getaway rentals, and weekly summer rentals.

We are a leading vacation rentals website that has been in operation since 2004. Today, we are proud to have a strong presence in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The other areas we serve include Belmar, NJ, Mantoloking, NJ, Beach Haven, NJ, Brant Beach, NJ, North Beach Haven, NJ, and Beach Haven Crest, NJ. We also offer accommodations in Haven Beach, NJ, Ship Bottom, NJ, Margate City, NJ, Surf City, NJ, Beach Haven Terrace, NJ, and Loveladies, NJ.

The next time you are searching for shore house rentals in Long Beach Island, think Shore Summer Rentals. We not only make the process convenient for you but also help you save money through our vacation rentals. Search thousands of vacation rentals and choose the right one for you right here on our site!


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