Calendar and Rate Algorithm

Unfortunately, complaints continue to come in about the inaccuracy of several of our rental listings with some owners not even giving the common courtesy of a response when a renter does inquire about booking their home. We are aware of the listings that are not updated and the listings that do not get timely responses from owners.

That being said, in an effort to combat our website from becoming unreliable and inconsistent, we have developed a sophisticated algorithm to reward homeowners that keep their listings active, (meaning not allowing them to expire), have updated calendars, current rates and respond to renter requests and calls within 24 hours.

We will not get into the mechanics of the algorithm but to explain in simple terms, if a potential renter searches by date and/or rates and they do not have both the calendar and rate modules updated, that listing will not appear in that search. This is aside from the membership type ranking. Listings will still appear in the order of main membership ranking. The better your membership, the higher you rank if you are in compliance.

This will ensure that our site remains the go-to platform for renters to find your NJ Shore vacation rental. If you keep your reserved bookings updated, rates posted and respond to ALL email inquiries, your listing will continue to thrive on Shore Summer Rentals.

>> How to update rates.
>> How to update calendar.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!