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Everyone deserves a vacation, especially during beach season, and Dewey Beach, DE, will always fit the bill nicely! Known for its deep rock-and-roll roots and nightlife, this small sandbar beach town really does pack a punch. Additionally, those who enjoy watersports, beach activities, and other more traditional summer experiences can take advantage of soft sand and warm sun as well as the vast Atlantic on the east side and the sparkling Rehoboth Bay to the west. The opportunities are virtually endless!

After a long winter and spring, reserving a beach rental at Dewey Beach with is ideal if you’re searching for a unique, relaxing, and exciting holiday experience! The town is perfectly set up for adventurous vacationers looking for a fun and exciting week along the shore, in town, and on the water. We offer excellent deals on numerous vacation rental properties throughout Dewey Beach, DE, so you can have an affordable holiday home base to come back to after enjoying the beach and the best nightlife in Delaware!

Activities in Dewey Beach, DE

If you are on the fence about booking a shore house rental in Dewey Beach, take a look at all the great things you can do with your friends and family in the area:

  • Beach Activities (tanning, swimming, beach sports, etc.)
  • Watersports (boating, parasailing, wakeboarding, etc.)
  • Paddleboarding (in the ocean or the bay)
  • Charter Fishing & Dolphin Watching
  • Night Clubs & Bars
  • Craft Brewery Tours

If you are a traveller who likes to explore beyond the general area, you are also a stone’s throw from Rehoboth Beach and its famous boardwalk, beaches, and parks. Further north, out past Rehoboth proper, you can visit Cape Henlopen State Park, built on an old military base, for more opportunities for family fun. Check out the historic lighthouse and the various military interest points for some history. Also, if you follow the Coastal Highway for ten minutes to the south of Dewey Beach, you will end up at the Delaware Seashore State Park! There are playgrounds, fishing piers, and areas for watching wildlife.

The nightlife on Dewey Beach is also quite popular, including an exciting club scene with live music venues, bars, pubs, and so much more. Grab a beer at one of Dewey Beach’s breweries before heading into town for a great time with your friends. Fortunately, most of the Dewey Beach rental properties by are within quick walking distance of many of the popular bars and clubs, so you do not have to worry about driving into town or parking.



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With so much to do and enjoy, we highly recommend taking your vacation at one of our Dewey Beach rental houses! We encourage you to look through our many vacation properties in Dewey Beach, DE, choose the one that best suits your needs, and schedule your summer vacation with!

For more information or to reserve an affordable summer rental, give us a call us at 609-536-9603 or feel free to fill out a contact form today!

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