Belmar, NJ Vacation Rentals

Whether you’re looking for a vacation getaway at a one-bedroom home or a four-bedroom place with a pool, one of the most important factors is location. Family vacations are most successful when there are different activities and opportunities for kids of all ages and parents to enjoy. If you’re looking for a colorful, clean, family-friendly beach destination with activities galore, check out our summer rentals in Belmar, NJ, one of the best beaches along the Jersey Shore.

Belmar, though it is a small shore town that only stretches 1.3 miles along the New Jersey coastline, has made a significant impact on its visitors and locals. In 2014, it was voted the #1 beach in Central Jersey and the #6 beach in the whole state of New Jersey in the Top Ten Beaches Competition.

Belmar has made this positive impression because of the town’s dedication to cleanliness and entertainment for guests of all ages. Belmar housing rentals and beaches are also popular for the many amenities that they offer to their guests, which makes the area stand apart from larger and more populated Jersey Shore vacation destinations. Belmar beaches offer amenities such as:

  • Cell phone charging stations on every block
  • Beach chair and umbrella concession
  • Water bottle filling stations at each playground
  • Many playgrounds and playground equipment

Because of the town’s small size and commitment to its guests, it is able to offer amenities that directly serve visitors. Every morning, beach staff cleans and grooms all of the Belmar beaches to promise cleanliness and health. In fact, Belmar’s 7th Avenue Beach was ranked the highest in New Jersey on the Natural Resources Defense Council’s “Testing the Waters” Report.


Belmar prides itself not only on being clean but on being safe and fun as well. This beach town is home to the most playgrounds in New Jersey. There is a beach park located on about every five beaches in Belmar. Each playground was made with safety and enjoyment in mind. Belmar is a destination that prioritizes families, and its many playgrounds on the clean beaches confirm that priority.

If your kids are past the playground age and want to learn some new watersports, or if you want to have some ocean fun of your own, Belmar also has designated beaches for boogie boarding, kayaking, surfing, and other watersports. There is even a surf camp on 3rd Avenue that offers lessons to kids of all ages.

In addition to beaches dedicated to playgrounds and watersports, there are also several beaches that have poles for volleyball nets. There are frequent games that take place, so visitors and locals are always more than welcome to join in even if they don’t have their own equipment.

With the clean beaches, safe playgrounds, watersports, and beach activities, everyone is sure to love what Belmar has to offer. All family members will find something to enjoy at this friendly and accommodating Jersey Shore vacation destination.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly and fun vacation, look no further than Belmar summer rentals with Shore Summer Rentals. Shore Summer Rentals matches you so that owners are getting the best offers and renters are finding the best property for their family at an affordable price.

Shore Summer Rentals offers many Belmar house rentals that are exclusively for rent by owner and are pet-friendly, coastal, oceanfront, and along the shoreline. If you see a home that fits your needs and preferences, you will immediately be put in contact with the owner of the property. Thanks to this direct communication, renters can be sure that they are going to be staying in a house that is right for them, while owners can have full knowledge of who will be staying in their home.

When booking Belmar beach house rentals, you have options including location of the property, it being pet-friendly, amenities, the amount of rooms, and more. Any questions that you have about the property can be answered by the owner.

For an experience that is as relaxing as the vacation that you’re about to go on, trust Shore Summer Rentals with your Belmar beach rental. This stress-free rental outlet will allow you to focus on your fun and safe family vacation in Belmar, New Jersey.

While Belmar is a popular summer destination, there are other New Jersey you may want to consider that are available monthly, weekly, month to month, or for a weekend getaway. In addition to Belmar, NJ, vacation rentals, you can search Shore Summer Rentals to find places in communities such as:

When you search our database, review our four-bedroom or one-bedroom beach home rental listings to find a match for your household with or without a pool. With so many homes and condos for rent by owner, Shore Summer Rentals is the best place to find and secure a Jersey Shore beach summer rental or condominium in no time!

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Save 25% on most rentals compared to other platforms. See how.