Question To Nationwide Agent:
I own a vacation rental by owner website, Do you have a Cancel for any reason insurance policy that will cover the Coronavirus situation? If they are scared to travel in fear of getting exposed to Coronavirus or the government still has the social distancing rule in effect and they are not permitted to travel. All travel would be in New Jersey.

Nationwide Agent Answer:
“You can purchase a policy with a Cancel for any reason Rider on top of a Prime policy within 21-days of the first time that money was put down on the trip, insure 100% of the trip costs that are prepaid, non-refundable and the dates of travel are from the time that the traveler leaves their home; until they return to their home. 

The only coverage that would allow cancellation due to threat of the virus or fear of the virus is a cancel for any reason rider which is available for purchase as an addition to the Prime policy. The policy must be purchased within 21 days of the initial payment for the trip in order to qualify. Cancel for any reason insurance is available for residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Unfortunately, it is not available for New York residents. The criteria however have to be met in order to qualify.”

Question To Nationwide Agent:
So cancelling a trip due to COVID-19 is permitted with the Prime Policy and a Cancel for any reason rider as long as the policy was purchased 21 days of the initial payment of the trip, correct? Example. If someone reserves a trip today at the NJ Shore for July 1, 2020 and purchases the above mentioned insurance by June 1, 2020, they will receive their money back if COVID-19 is still a threat when they are due to travel?

Nationwide Agent Answer:
“Yes, as long as the customer purchases a policy with cancel for any reason, and then if they decide that 48-hrs or more prior to the trip departure date they do not feel comfortable traveling or there is a travel ban, they can exercise this rider. Keep in mind if they do have the cancel for any reason rider on the policy they will only be reimbursed 75% of the non-refundable trip cost. If the travel supplier is issuing them a full refund, then they cannot file a claim, but they can possibly transfer the policy to a new trip as long as it is within 18 months of the original travel dates.”

Question To Nationwide Agent:
I read that Governor Cuomo called for insurance companies to start offering Cancel for any reason insurance to New York residents.

Nationwide Agent Answer:
“Unfortunately, I don't see that being available to NY residents in the immediate future. It will take some time to get new policies underwritten and the travel insurance industry is currently dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic at the moment.  Once we know more, I'm sure our marketing teams will send out some type of notification to the public.”

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