Oceanfront Vacation Rentals by Owner in New Jersey

Featured Oceanfront Rentals

We're missing views like these and cannot wait to enjoy them again. Check out these listings for your future vacations! Visit the links above to book these properties! Contact the owner directly from their listing to book and save on booking fees and the NJ Shore Tax! ☀️ 

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➡️ Rental #7443 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath oceanfront condo that sleeps 6 in Brigantine, NJ.

➡️  Rental #1544 is a 6 bedroom, 3 bath oceanfront property in Lavallette that sleeps 16.

➡️ Rental #3489
is a 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath oceanfront house on Long Beach Island that also sleeps 16.

➡️ Rental #8430 is a 6 bedroom, 2 bath Normandy Beach oceanfront home that's perfect for a family vacation!  

➡️ Rental #2713 is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom oceanfront penthouse in North Wildwood that sleeps 8.