Money Back Guidelines


If you are dissatisfied with your INITIAL Shore Summer listing, please contact us and we will review your ad to go over it in detail to see if it has received proper exposure. If your ad has received a combined 10 e-mail contacts and/or phone views within a 6 month period, a refund will NOT be issued. Your ad needs to be advertised at least 180 days to give our website time to promote your home effectively and also to allow Google to index your listing which will help your home show up organically in web searches for even more exposure.  

Changing your mind about renting, another advertising source finding you a rental, or the sale of your home does not constitute a refund.

If it has been 90 days and you have not received significant interest, contact us and we will review your ad to make sure it was being showcased in the best possible manner. I will offer recommendations and help. If you implement our recommendations and still have not received a total of 10 email contacts or phone views combined after the 180th day, we will cancel your listing and refund the amount you paid less a $50 service fee. Please allow 7 calendar days for refunds to be processed.

This offer is valid for our Gold or Diamond Main Memberships in New Jersey ONLY.  

Rental listings MUST have at least 15 APPEALING photos, rates posted, calendar updated, and property address displayed. Listings that do not display the property address on the live website are not eligible for the Rental Guarantee as most renters skip those poperties in fear that it may be a scam. All listings have the ability to upload up to 32 photos.

Summary of the money back guidelines:
1. Owner must contact us within 90 days to request a listing review.
2. Owner must implement all or at least some of our recommendations within 7 days.
3. Listing must have received LESS THAN 10 email inquiries and/or phone views COMBINED within 180 days of subscription purchase to qualify for a refund.
4. Refunds valid on Gold or Diamond Main Memberships only.
5. Listing must have at least 15 appealing photos.
6. Listing must display property address.
7. Listing must display rates in the rate table.
8. Listing must display property address.

Refunds will be based on the following chart:

0 - 179 Days: Trial Period - Not Eligible for Refund
up to 90 Days: Recommendations and Help from
180th Day - 100% Refund and Cancellation of Listing (If you received LESS THAN 10 email inquiries and/or phone views COMBINED).
After 180 Days: Not Eligible for Refund

Please note, after the 181st day listed on the site (from the date the property was initially added to our site), NO refunds will be issued. Refunds are available for your first listing only. This offer is for new customers only, if you renew your listing there will be no more guarantee and no refund will be issued.

This offer is valid for our Gold or Diamond Main Memberships in New Jersey ONLY.

Property Ownership Verification
Please note that we validate property ownership. To expedite the process, please fax proof of ownership to 609-677-1590.  Proof of ownership could be a utility bill, tax bill, settlement sheet from closing, etc. The property address needs to be on the item. 


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