We are in need of rental inventory to meet the renter demand our website is experiencing. 
We are offering a one-time $75 savings if you reactivate your rental listing on by Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

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I would like to remind you about who we are and how we work. We are entering our 18th season providing tremendous traffic for our owners. We look forward to securing rental income for you affordably. We do not charge the owners a commission or any fees at all, other than the low yearly fee, nor do we charge the renters anything at all. You will receive unlimited rentals for one low yearly price. Book your entire season without outrageous fees, mystery renters, and the hassle of big rental site rules.  

Since we are a “For Rental by Owner Website”, everything is handled by the property owner resulting in much less fees. Our website reaches over 850,000 visitors per year. We will do what it takes to secure you rentals and we are local and accessible. We have a tremendous Google and Facebook presence as well as many other marketing venues. We also offer sample tools to all members such as sample leases, kitchen checklists, inventory guides, inventory lists, cleaning guides, Covid-19 and CDC guidelines and more.

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Beware of copycat sites that pop up and eventually disappear. They promise you rentals for a small fee but do not show up on any paid advertising platforms. They don’t have enough money, expertise or experience to advertise effectively, we have proven success! We are very often imitated but never duplicated!

We are very local and accessible to the South Jersey shore area and provide tremendous results for a very minimal fee. We are a true For Rental by Owner website, we absolutely do not charge any fees for the renter to book, nor do we take control of the inquiries that come in, they belong to you.

We do not charge the renter any fees and only charge our customers a low yearly price, while giving you a LOCAL resource that is here to help you. If you ever have an issue, we are very easy to reach and more than willing to help you. 

This OFFER ends Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. No exceptions.

1. Login to your account.
2. Make sure you click "EDIT" next to the Main Membership you would like to renew.
3. Click on “RENEW LISTING”.
4. This will bring you to the Shopping Cart. Check the box on the left of the Membership you would like to renew and enter the promo code 75offremark in the promo code column to the right and then hit tab.
5. Click on “PROCEED TO CHECK OUT” at the bottom of the page.
6. Choose Payment Method on the left and click “PROCEED TO MAKE A PAYMENT” or “CONTINUE” if paying by check. 
7. The system will walk you through payment.
8. Please update your rental rates, calendar availability, images, specials and anything else that may have changed from the previous year. This is a great time to spruce up your ad to drive as much traffic to your listing as possible. 

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